As a photographer, I have always gravitated towards photographing people. It is the unscripted, unexpected moments that pass by so quickly that make it all so intriguing to me - a smirk, a smile, a pensiveness, a fleeting facial expression - these are the quirky realities that I live to capture on camera.

I identify myself as a lifestyle photographer. I take on clients who are looking for professional portraits / personal branding and family portraiture. I am especially fond of emotive portraiture and dramatic light. There are many other niches I photograph as well, so drop me a line and we can chat.


It all began when I went back to school for graphic design in San Francisco in my late 20s, and then traveled to Southern France. I used countless rolls of film to capture the gorgeous light by the Mediterranean, entered some of these images into an annual school photo contest and won a little award. I switched my major in art school from design to photography. I was hooked. After finishing art school, I continued to live in San Francisco. I worked as the studio manager for National Geographic photographer Ed Kashi, then as a photo producer at  Wired Magazine, a freelance photographer for The Argentimes newspaper in Buenos Aires, and finally as studio manager for Robyn Twomey, while simultaneously opening up Susannah Bothe Photography.

Now, I live back in New England in a old brick church rectory from the late 1700s, in the little city of Salem, north of Boston with my two energetic boys (who are my main muses), one husband, one dog and a cat.


I am an extrovert, which makes being a photographer a lot of fun.


I am an adventurer and I love being outside.


I speak Spanish and travel as often as I can, which is much less these days than it used to be.


I am addicted to dark chocolate.


Thank you for stopping by!