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Location: Salem, MA; the North Shore; the Greater Boston area

Susannah Bothe

As a photographer, I have always gravitated towards photographing people.

It is the unscripted, unexpected points in time that make it all so interesting – a smirk, a smile, a good belly laugh, or a fleeting facial expression – these are the quirky realities that I live to capture on camera.

And children are such great subjects in this way! As a mom myself, I find that my boys are never-ending creators of just exactly such moments. It all goes so fast – all the more reason to document these milestones, big and small.

My photographic style is clean, relaxed, and fun. I shoot in natural light and on-location at parks, playgrounds, farms, beaches, urban settings, or at your home. My goal is to capture your precious pumpkin in some magical little instant that you’ll be able to look back at and talk about for a long, long time.

I love my job!

More about me:

I am a documentary photographer who shoots in a variety of styles; I am especially fond of family portraiture.

An East Coast native, I was living in San Francisco for almost fifteen years, and recently returned to the Greater Boston area, specifically Salem, MA.

I speak Spanish and I travel as often as I can. I have lived in both Sevilla, Spain and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My past experience includes working for National Geographic photographer Ed Kashi, at Wired Magazine, for The Argentina Independent newspaper in Buenos Aires, and for editorial photographer Robyn Twomey.

I have been teaching photography classes to parents and other photo enthusiasts for the past three years.

I am a certified chocoholic.

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