How can I set up a photo shoot?

Please contact me to set up a photo shoot.

What should I wear on the day of the photo shoot?

Clothing without either busy patterns or bold wording is best. White clothing is not recommended, as it tends to be too bright in the photos. Feel free to bring several changes of clothing, for variety. I do love hats on babies and children. The key is that all photo subjects feel comfortable and relaxed in what they are wearing. I am more than happy to chat more about the clothing options.

What time of the day can a shoot happen?

We will find a time that fits your schedule. If planning to shoot outdoors, sessions take place in the morning or during the late afternoon (rather than midday) because of the light quality. If shooting indoors, I will ask you to keep an eye on the natural light in your home several days before the photo shoot.

Where will the photo shoot take place?

Photo sessions take place in Greater Boston, at parks, playgrounds, farms, beaches, urban settings, or at your home. I have good ideas about which locations work best, and the entire Boston area is at your disposal.

What forms of payment can I use?

Is there any way that can I save a little money?

  • Returning customers will receive a 10% discount on the creative fee.
  • There are various print packages. You can choose one that fits your needs and your budget.
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